Refund Policies

Renaissance Knights tournaments occur rain or shine and there are no refunds or exchanges for events that take place as scheduled, except as noted below.

Renaissance Knights reserves the right to refuse/cancel a registration to an event and the registrant will be given a full refund. The Refund Policy does not apply to events with an alternative refund policy listed on the event web page.

Cancellation(s) made at least 1 week prior to the first day of the tournament / event can be refunded minus $10 per cancelled player.  No credit or refunds will be given for cancellations after the 1-week deadline.

Parental Supervision

Parents are required to make sure that a responsible adult supervises their children at all times if they are not present. Children are not allowed to play on escalators and elevators. Children misbehaving at the event may result in their expulsion from the tournament.

Waiver Form

Renaissance Knights is unable to assume responsibility for injuries or accidents occurring at our programs, activities, and facilities. Such insurance would make program user fees prohibitive. By checking the Policies box during registration I indemnify and hold harmless Renaissance Knights, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents from any liability arising from or proximately caused by my and/or my minor child’s participation the event.

Returned Check Fee

There will be a $25 charge per check or that is returned.

Receipts will be emailed

We now send registration confirmations via email! Please assure that we have your current email address on file. Your email receipt will act as the only form of confirmation for your registration. If we encounter a problem with your registration, you will receive a phone call.

Photo/Video Disclaimer

All participants permit the taking of photos and/or video of themselves and their children during Renaissance Knights activities, programs, events, and facilities for publication and use as Renaissance Knights deems necessary in marketing materials.

Rules & Regulations

All rules, regulations, and procedures may be superseded by announcements/postings at the site and players and spectators are to adhere to these rules while in attendance at Renaissance Knights activities.

All tournament games will be played in accordance with USCF, FIDE rules, or other rules as applicable.

Players and spectators shall conduct themselves in a professional/sportsmanship like manner.   No verbal or physical taunting of anyone will be tolerated.  No excessive display of exuberance by players or spectators is allowed. 

Players and spectators shall keep noise to a level as not to disturb others.  During tournament play spectators shall not converse in tournament rooms and players shall keep noise to a minimum. No analysis of games is allowed in the playing room.

Conversing with tournament players in the room will be kept to a minimum and must be in English.  This is to avoid the appearance of receiving improper assistance from another person with your game.

Talking on cell phones in tournament rooms is strictly forbidden. Cell phones and beepers must be silenced; activation in the playing room will result in a loss of 10 minutes on your clock, or 1/2 the remaining time if less than 10 minutes left.

Alcoholic beverage and smoking are not permitted in the tournament room.

Game notation is required in accordance with USCF rules with the following modifications:  Players are not required to move first (except in FIDE events), notation is optional for beginner sections (No time deduction will be imposed), and 5 minutes will be deducted from players not recording their games. Clocks must be agreed upon by both players in a beginner section, except when a Tournament Director places one on a game.

Players under 18 years of age shall have a responsible adult in attendance at all times.

Penalty for a rule violation during game play: Spectators may be expelled from the room and players will receive a warning for the first offense for minor violations and shall forfeit the game for the second violation or for major violations.  Repeated violations of these rules or major violations are grounds for expulsion from the tournament and tournament rooms and may result in suspension from attending future events.

The Renaissance Knights Officers and Directors have the final say on conduct violations and suspension from attending future events.  The Chief Tournament Director has the final say on disputes involving game play. Tournament Directors shall enforce these rules and in the absence of the Officers and Directors, the Chief Tournament Director has the final say on conduct violations.

And always BE A GOOD SPORT.


When two or more players tie with the same score, we use the US Chess Federations standard tie-break systems to determine non cash award placement

 (1)  MODIFIED MEDIAN. First, compute the adjusted score of each opponent played by counting each unplayed game (bye, forfeit, round not played after a withdrawal) as 1/2 a point. If the player involved in the tie has any unplayed games (byes, forfeits, unplayed rounds), those games count as opponents with an adjusted score of zero. Next, discard ineligible adjusted scores as specified. Players with plus scores have the lowest opponent’s adjusted score dropped. Players with even scores have the highest and lowest opponent’s adjusted scores dropped. Players with minus scores have the highest opponent’s adjusted score dropped. Then add the remaining adjusted scores to determine the player’s tiebreak points.

(2)  SOLKOFF. Add the adjusted scores of all opponents (same as Modified Median except no scores discarded).

(3)  CUMULATIVE. Add the scores after each round; subtract one point for each one-point bye or forfeit win.  Example:  A player has a bye in round 1, wins in 2, loses in 3, draws in 4, wins in 5.  The cumulative tie break score is 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 1/2 + 3 1/2 -1 = 10.


(5)  SONNENBORN-BERGER.  Add the adjusted scores of each opponent defeated, plus half the adjusted scores of each opponent drawn