One single person, like one candle, can make a difference

Here are some ways you can get involved as a volunteer with Renaissance Knights. For more information or to discuss different opportunities, contact us!

Volunteer at a Chess Club


Teaching chess to students. Volunteers may play chess, may do basic administrative duties, such as taking roll, or, if they are an intermediate chess player, the coach may ask them to work with their own group of slightly advanced students. Needs vary club by club. Renaissance Knights can find a school to fit everyone’s chess skills and desired role.


Chess clubs run once a week for an hour from October through May (school year). Volunteers are asked to commit for a 7 to 10 week session. Chess clubs are usually after school and may start as early as 2:05 pm, or as late as 4:15 pm and run for one hour.  School hour chess clubs are also available


Volunteers do not need to have any special skills. It is always helpful to have volunteers who are knowledgeable about chess, or who speak a foreign language, but these skills are not required and should not prevent anyone from volunteering.


Renaissance Knights serves schools in Cook and the collar counties.

Volunteer at a Chess Tournament


There are several roles at tournaments- helping with registration, helping with pairings, helping answer chess questions, recording results.

Days / Times:

Tournaments are on Saturdays and/or Sundays throughout the year. We run Local, Regional and National Tournaments.  We have partnered with Chicago Public Schools to run their Regional Playoffs and Championship Tournaments.  Many of the tournaments are free of charge to the participants and are part of our Chicago Scholastic Chess League.  Many of these tournament run 6 – 8 hours, but we divide the day into shorter volunteer shifts..


No special skills are required for check-in and score keepers. A competent level of chess knowledge is required for tournament monitors who answer player questions. Computer literacy and prior training is needed for tournament software for pairings.


Chicago and the near north and west suburbs.

Volunteer on the Chicago Chess Council

The Chicago Chess Council is a group of businesses and individuals who are committed to the betterment of our children’s education in Chicago, and who understand the link between chess and STEM, academic, and social skills, and violence prevention. Through three different levels of financial support, Council members contribute directly to Renaissance Knights work with Chicago’s K – 12 graders to bring the academic benefit of chess to children while providing them with positive social groups, goals and aspirations, which allow disadvantaged children to expand their minds in a way that alleviates social pressures in a safe environment. Renaissance Knights puts kids’ critical thinking development, the foundation of all STEM skills, and violence prevention as a priority.

To volunteer, donate, or learn more about us, call  773-844-0701 or e-mail